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Jordan Hess started studying classical violin at the age of 5.  This was paired with an interest and aptitude for wood working, and by the age of 14 he had designed and built an instrument resembling a violin entirely of his own accord.  Soon thereafter he began a maker’s apprenticeship at Indianapolis Violins, under Christ Ulbricht and Ted Skreko.  Since 2014 Jordan has been living and working in Salt Lake City, first studying under local maker John Young before establishing his own business.  He enjoys researching classical working methods and concepts, as violin acoustics and physics.  This has led to opportunities to lecture alongside other professionals in the field such as Iris Carr, Andrew Ryan, Nathan Giem and others.  Jordan’s work is unique in that he has the mind of both a maker and a musician.  Because of this he is able to cater to the needs of high level musicians, providing an unmatched quality of sound and playability.  Jordan offers new instruments for sale, as well as setup and tonal adjustment.

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Efren started playing the cello in 2000 and studied under Fred Hoeppner of the Colorado Symphony, who introduced him to the world of Lutherie. He attended the Violin Making School of America in 2010 where he graduated in 2015.  Efren has worked in various violin shops throughout the country before settling at Sugarhouse Violins in June 2023. His passion lies in assisting musicians through exemplary setup, repair and restoration. When he's not fixing all your stuff, Efren enjoys origami, martial arts, singing, learning ukulele, and light video gaming.

(801) 901-3609

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Danae started out as a viola performance major at the University of Utah, but now gets down to business. Her background and certifications in accounting, bookkeeping, web development and data science have proved to be valuable assets in blending her many passions. When she's not coding, crunching numbers or balancing the books, she continues to enjoy freelancing as a violist in recording studios, ensembles, and orchestras throughout the Salt Lake Valley.  Outside of music or the office, Danae loves reading, cozy gaming, and throwing a dinner party.

(801) 901-3609

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